Fitness: Fix Your Posture with Four Exercises, Know How it is Possible

how to fix your posture

Health Tips: Although the physical structure is a gift of nature, due to the changing lifestyle, now the posture has started deteriorating. Often our body posture gets spoiled due to our bad habits. Due to these wrong body postures, a person has to face many problems. It is generally seen that due to our wrong lifestyle, many problems arise within our bodies. Due to this, the spine of the person becomes bowed. There are also many problems with the shoulders, waist, and neck. Through yoga, we can fix our body posture.

Here are 4 exercises suggested to fix Your Posture.

The sedentary lifestyle affected our physical posture to a great extent. Sitting continuously, watching TV while lying down, sitting bent down, walking with bowed shoulders, etc. Some asanas are effective in curing this.

Step 1: Lie on your stomach on a mat or yoga mat. Keep the legs straight as shown in the picture and while rising above the waist, rest the hands with the elbows and palms. Stay in this position for 20-30 seconds and then repeat the process again. Do this exercise 5-7 times in the beginning. Then increase the time as per convenience.

asana for posture
asana for posture

Step 2: Lie on the stomach but raise the legs above the knees. Keeping both the palms close to the chest and taking support of them, rise upwards from the waist. Stay in this position for 30-40 seconds and then repeat the process. In the beginning, do this 5-7 times in a day. Then increase as per convenience.

Step 3: Lying on your stomach, raise your legs and upper body. Keep the hands backward, keep them in the air, as shown in the picture. Try to stay in this position for 10 to 20 seconds. In the beginning, do this exercise 5-6 times. Then gradually increase the time.

asana for posture
asana for posture

Step 4: The last step is to lie on the stomach and raise the arms, head, and legs in the air. Stay in this position for 5-10 seconds and then increase the time as per convenience. This exercise is also to be done 5-6 times.

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इस वेबसाइट में ज्ञान का खजाना है जो अधिकांश ज्ञान और जानकारी प्रदान करता है जो किसी व्यक्ति के लिए खुद को सही ढंग से समझने और उनके आसपास की दुनिया को समझने के लिए महत्वपूर्ण है। जीवन के बारे में आपको जो कुछ भी जानने की जरूरत है वह इस वेबसाइट में है, लगभग सब कुछ।

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